The Chrysalis BodyTube A 6′ multi-functional tube garment made from very soft, seamless micro-fiber nylon-spandex, similar to soft smooth pantyhose. There is a hole and waistbands on each end of the garment. They are available in one size fits most.

It’s a dress, it’s a skirt, it’s a cocoon, it’s a blanket, it’s a private space, it’s whatever you want it to be. Many of our customers enjoy getting inside the tubes to meditate, practice yoga, perform dance, play with a partner, or simply sleep , especially on cold nights. The most common description of how this amazing sensation feels is like being inside a warm safe womb. These are also great for camping trips. For photographers, these add a unique dimension to artistic images. The possibilities are limitless!

For Meditation and Healing

Feeling Safe. Dive in and enjoy a break from the chaos.

Where do you feel safe? We all have a place that gives us a sense of safety, a place where we are more likely to be ourselves and express an authentic sense of self. When we feel safe we suspend our defenses, allow our vulnerabilities to surface, and become people we enjoy being. The body tube allows for a true feeling of safety. Its breathable material supports freedom of breath, while it’s flexibility gives any choice of movement. During meditation you can crawl into the BodyTube and relax into your favorite visualization, breathing exercises, or Zen meditations. The best part is coming out of the tube. When your meditation is done, you will re-emerge feeling revitalized calm and peaceful.

A Place to Transform

Transmutation is essential to a rich, full life. Holding back new growth is never healthy. The easier it is for us to release the outer skin of an outmoded identity, the quicker we can experience change and a renewed self-confidence. Old patterns are safe and reliable, but they also keep us stuck in fear, in a rut, or in a static way of life. The BodyTube is a transformational tool that can help you accept your own power from within, while feeling reborn into a new and healthier life. While using the BodyTube during meditations picture shedding the old skin of an outmoded way of living and experience feeling reborn into a new life.

For Dance and Performance

The BodyTube is an incredible piece to wear during a transformational dance experience. With its perfect see-through and breathable material, it hugs the skin and allows you to explore the mysterious path of movement, whether in the physical world or in the depths of the mind and soul. This could add to your dance performance publicly or privately.

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