We were so EXCITED when the incredible Raja was announced as the WINNER of this season’s Drag Race. She is beautiful and extremely talented for one thing, and I guess we’re a little biased since she will soon be the new face of Versatile Corsets! Yes, I said it, it’s true – we are lucky enough to have this fierce and fabulous one modeling some new looks from Versatile Corsets in the near future!

Did you watch the finale? What are your thoughts? Personally, I have been behind Raja since day one. In addition to being crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar, she is an incredible make up artist who was featured on America’s Next Top Model, and it’s obvious she knows how to put on an unbelievable show – as demonstrated by her strong lead throughout the entire season. I think my favorite thing about her above all is her KILLER fashion sense. The looks she puts together are just breathtaking. I mean, gaga who? It’s all about RAJA!