To some people, this is old news – wearing an under bust while you are sitting all day can improve your posture, which can help dramatically with back pain. If you’re someone who did not know this about corsets, read on!

I have two jobs – Versatile Corsets extraordinaire 50% of the time, fashion designer for my own label the other 50%. Which means, I spend a lot of time sitting at a sewing machine. I don’t know if it’s the angle of my body when I’m using the foot petal or what, but MAN, when I go long stretches of doing sewing work, my lower back is in agony. The other day I was like, oh yeah, I should put on my corset. See if this really works, even in my weird non-traditional office situation. The difference was incredible! My favorites right now for daily “back help” use, are the Victorian Riding Corset and the Ivy Under Bust. The Ivy works best for longer periods of time, just because the silhouette is a little more comfortable – but everyone’s preferences are different. Generally it depends on your body type.

Two of my good friends recently purchased new corsets from us, for the same reasons – they sit in an office all day long, one of them claims her outdated office chair is the culprit. But anyway, they both got new under busts which they wear at work for 8 hours, and both have told me their back pain is reduced and some days non existent! Not to mention, one of them swears her waist size has already shrunk, after only one week. Some of you might be thinking, yeah, but sitting at your desk all day is already uncomfortable, I can’t imagine sitting at my desk all day in a corset!

Okay, so, yes, you might not want to tight lace yourself down to 17” for a day at the office. Just put it on to your comfort level. Corsets, (well made corsets) are really not uncomfortable. The make you sit up strait, which actually feels really good. A lot of us don’t even realize how terrible our posture is, until we actually force our bodies to sit up the way they are meant to. Just give it a try, and I bet you will be pleasantly shocked at the results.

A corset is better for you than swallowing mass quantities of pain meds every week, costs less than most doctor’s visits, and if you get can away with it in the office, LOOKS fantastic (if not, wear it under your clothes and at least FEEL fantastic.) Not to mention, corsets tend to make women feel more powerful while they’re wearing them. Who doesn’t want to feel more powerful at the office!? It’s a win win win situation.

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