The corset parties came and went, and were a huge success. I say “parties” because due to unforeseen events here in Michigan Snowpocalypse land, I had a little make up party for 4 of my close friends who had wanted to be there on Saturday, but lived too far away to make the -what would have normally been a 1 hour commute – turned into a 3 hour commute due to a random blizzard that occurred on the day of my party. So I had two corset parties – 2 is always better than 1 when it comes to number of times you can try and get all your friends into corsets.

Anyway, it was a great week. Corsets, champagne, snacks, an old hollywood burlesque show (thanks to Netflix), and 15 women all being laced to curvy corseted perfection. I had a great time hosting, and I hope everyone who came had a great time. Those who went home with corsets – I hope you truly enjoy them!! (I KNOW you will.) And those who ordered custom corsets – I am anxiously awaiting their finish, so I can get them out to you asap!

Katie in a Saloon Overbust Corset by Corset Connection
Kelly Jean in a Versatile Corsets metallic brocade Scarlett overbust Corset + matching metallic pencil skirt!

Way cooler than tupperware or candles? Uh, yeah. I think so. 😉