So, my corset party is tomorrow…. getting excited. I’m trying to think about what to talk about, and one of the topics that is coming to mind is the perception, and often misconception about corsets and bodies. I get a lot of comments on our facebook, especially when I post photos from our Bernie Dexter photoshoots (because she’s so darn gorgeous) – that say things like “Sigh. If *only* I had the curves to wear that.” or “One day…when I finally lose these last 10 pounds, I will treat myself to one of your corsets.”

Additionally, when I sent out the invite to the party to all of my friends, I got a few responses back like “I’d love to come, but I don’t think I really have a corset body.”

Ladies, this is the beauty of the corset. It’s not like a bra. It’s not like a garment at all. It’s a miracle worker. Let me say that again slowly so it really sinks in –

m i r a c l e w o r k e r ! ! !

It doesn’t matter what you have got going on that you think is “not suitable” for a corset. A corset DOES the job. It creates curves where there have never been curves. It creates flatness out of an area that has never been flat. It pushes up the good stuff and pushes down the bad stuff. This is why when you put one on, you understand. And no, you are not going to get this feeling from a cheaply made corset with plastic boning that you got for $40 at Hot Topic, sorry. It’s just not the same. A real corset should out live you. It should feel heavy when you pick it up. Heavy, strong, tough, and ready to do the job. That job being, making YOU look absolutely amazing.

I cannot WAIT to corset some ladies tomorrow. 😉

And today’s photo…..

Our Mimosa Over Bust on a super cute model.