So, I talked my boss into letting me have a corset party! Yes, just how it sounds – like a candle party, or a tupperware party, except 1000 times cooler, because, well it’s corsets, not boring junk no one really wants or needs. 😉

It will be at my own house, with 20 of my closest friends. I got a big box of corsets shipped from our main office last week. A beautiful assortment of underbusts and overbusts, in varying sizes and colors. This idea came to me around the time when I got my first corset from Versatile, and I let a bunch of my friends try it on. I got a lot of responses such as –

Oh my god. I feel amazing in this! or –

Woah! Once you put one on, you never want to take it off!” and –

Look at me! Wow……”

It was then that I realized, once people try one of our corsets on, they just have to have one! Often times, misconceptions are flying. People who haven’t worn a corset before tend to think, doesn’t it hurt? Why would I want one? That isn’t for me. I prefer to be comfortable. But once you actually put one on, it aaaaaaaalll makes sense. They ARE comfortable, in their own way! They make you stand up tall. They support your back. They boost your confidence as they create a new, more feminine shape for your body. They really do feel amazing, we don’t all love them for no reason. 😉

I will definitely be posting photos from my corset party. The title of said fabulous event is  “Cher and Corsets: An Afternoon Delight!” A demonstration of lacing, and some talking about construction, how to know what size you are, etc. will start the party off. Then we have the part everyone is really waiting for –  the trying on of the corsets until they are blue in the face – and then, we will be ending the afternoon with a movie showing of “Burlesque” just to get people in the mood for new corset wearing. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I do expect it to be pretty horrible. I just want to see Cher, because I still think she’s fabulous. 😉