So, when I was offered the position here at VC, I was also offered the opportunity to design a new corset for the company as well. I am still gathering inspiration, and trying to figure out what would fit in best with the current aesthetic, but also maybe offer something new and different than what we already have.

Some thoughts I have had…

Leather.  A perfectly sculpted soft leather corset. Overbust, definitely. I’m seeing a sweetheart neckline. Maybe with some zippers along the sides, or zipper trim in the side seams. I like the idea of a ‘tough’ corset that also adds a bit of luxury and class that you don’t get from the PVC stuff. I’m not thinking trashy, as always I mean classy. Biker mixed with high fashion – Thierry Mugler and Versace (Gianni not Donetella) inspired. Something Dita, or Kat Von D might want to buy.

Embellishments. Tastefully though, not something you’d see in one of those unmarked storefronts in the mall where no one speaks a language you can understand, and nothing has a set price. Not a fan of rainbow beading or anything like that. I saw Black Swan recently, and LOVED the black and white swan costumes. I was thinking maybe we need a corset made of feathers. Obviously this is not a daily use type of thing – but I personally am always looking for something to wear to the Rainbow Room that is uber fabulous. A feather corset would hit the mark, I’m sure. It would have to be beautifully made, nothing cheap looking about this one.

Seamless. I have been working with my boss on coming up with a seamless corset that is still a “corset” and not shapewear. We have been talking about doing steel boning on the inside vs. the outside, and flatter laces with grommets spaced farther apart – creating something that can be worn under the clothing to give you that tiny tummy and hourglass shape that everyone wants – but no one will necessarily know you have a corset on. Something that appears simple but works magic on the figure.

So far these are my top three. Any comments on this, or suggestions on things you’d like to see from Versatile Corsets, that we don’t already carry, would be great!

And because I hate doing a post without a photo,

Bernie Dexter

Here’s the lovely Bernie Dexter in our Hazel Over Bust.